8840 SW Holly Lane Wilsonville, OR 97070 (503) 765-5523
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Franz Meadow is SOLD OUT!


1533 N Plum Ct

$475,000 | 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2376 sf, 3-car Garage, Den

Franz Meadow
Interior Photos

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Floor plans, specifications, finishes, pricing, and build material are subject to change and will change as better or more comparable materials are available.

Franz Meadow
About the Builder

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Stafford Homes are built beyond what code requires- Period. Starting with the home plan we start thinking about quality, performance, sustainability, and comfort. Our standard homes are very similar to other builders but our upgraded features go way beyond compare. Our homes leak less air and bring in more healthy air than others, they are more efficient and they are very, very low cost when it comes to the consumption of natural gas and electricity. The EPS (Energy Performance Score) for each home calculates out to a very low monthly expense, and our third party verified measures prove we are one of the best at surpassing the standard. Talk to our local Sales Broker about a private tour showing each feature and how it benefits the enviornment, how it performs better, and how it is more comfortable and healthy for your family. We build smarter homes.